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This release includes 1231 new pages, or 8 new titles. It comprises works by:

Borup, Jørn
  • Japanese Rinzai Zen Buddhism, Brill (Publisher), 2008

Dreyfus, Georges
  • The Sound of Two Hands Clapping, University of California Press, 2003

Hawley, Jack
  • The Essential Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita, New World Library, 2006

Huisheng, Chen
  • A Tentative Analysis of the Struggle and Impact between the White Mountain Khwajas and the Black Mountain Khwajas in the Qing Dynasty, Brill (Publisher), 2017

Mutō, Kazuo
  • Christianity and the Notion of Nothingness, Brill (Publisher), 2012

Velde, Paul van Der
  • What is 'Spiritual' in Modern Western Buddhism?, Brill (Publisher), 2013

Xiefan, Zhou
  • Sufism and Islam at the Turning Point from the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, Brill (Publisher), 2017

Yong, Amos
  • Shunyata: The World and Becoming Human in East Asian Buddhism, Brill (Publisher), 2012