Welcome to Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume IV, Eastern Religions

Twentieth Century Religious Thought Library is a multivolume, cross-searchable online collection that brings together the seminal works and archival materials related to worldwide religious thinkers from the early 1900s until the first decade of the 21st century.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought: Volume IV, Eastern Religions focuses on the various facets of Eastern Religion spanning over two-hundred years.

It includes an international selection of English-language editions of key thinkers such as Alan Watts, Sister Nivedita, K. N. Jayatilleke, and Prayadh Payutto, among others. Future releases will introduce more works by significant thinkers and archival content. Upon completion, it will include 100,000 pages of printed works and primary sources.

Twentieth Century Religious Thought Library supports research and teaching in comparative religion, theology, world religion, religion and law, and religion and politics, and serves as an important resource for courses and scholarship in Middle Eastern studies, social theory, feminist studies, philosophy, and world history. For those who own the four volumes on Christianity, Islam, Judaism, and Eastern Religions, the collection is fully cross-searchable.

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